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Asteroid Natal Reading

Asteroid Natal Reading

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An intensive deep dive mixing perfectly unique astrology & tarot. We look at this reading as a story that's written about you from the moment you were born, for all of your life. For this reading, we will need to know your time of birth, date of birth & place of birth for accuracy of planetary placements.

Before our live videocall tarot session together, you'll receive an in depth explorative report heavily detailing your past, your present and your future according to the Asteroids for your life's story. Imagine it's like a quest, a game, a mission; The Asteroid's are here to help bring awareness, answers and support.

The Astrological report is the story that was written about you were born, but the tarot is an update on that story; things have changed significantly since you've been born. What has Chiron, Lilith, Vesta and the gang got to let you know now?

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