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PRE-Order "Priestess Power - The Legacies of Sacred Women"

PRE-Order "Priestess Power - The Legacies of Sacred Women"

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Pre-order your copy now of "Priestess Power" (dispatched Autumn 2024)

Unlock the knowledge of the divine feminine's legacy to modern witches, and be shocked at how little we actually knew. This in-depth exploration delves into the real lives of ancient and "infamous" priestesses, celebrating their profound contributions to society. Discover the courage and strength these women embodied as they harnessed their spiritual gifts for their greater good, and how they set the stage for doctors, solicitors, musicians and historians. With my insights, months of research and a palpable passion for spirituality, I wanted to make this a must-read for any modern witch.

None of this work is to discredit the male priests or the non-binary witches who offer extremely valid support, contributions and representation but this work is to explore the histories of some of the most famous (and infamous) feminine priestesses and their legacies.


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