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Tarot Journal

Tarot Journal

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*A4 combined workbook and journal in a beautiful high-quality paper product
*"Broom closet" friendly covering and packaging
*90+ pages (suitable for over 80+ multi card readings)
*Protective talisman cover; Medusa brings you protection, wisdom, and clear insight despite any struggles you may have (ritual to try on
*Minimalist design; gives you the space to make it your own creation
*Future tarot development; space selected to note questions, ideas and tarot spreads you want to create for future tarot readings. Perfect for when the ideas come to you, but you don’t have the time to perform straight away.
*Depicted as a “workbook & journal”; those who hide their tarot practice have more protection from prying eyes, and won’t get forced out of the broom closet.
*An accountability tracker; for weekly readings if this is your goal (there is no “fail” here and no pressure to read tarot every day – honour your own energy).
*Self-care reminders; if you know at the time of your tarot reading you’ve not been eating or drinking in a nurturing way, this gently shows up for you to help you get back on track. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup.
*Playlist trackers; when you are feeling magickal af, need an energetic boost, or like to incorporate shufflemancy divination into your practice to expand on your experiences. Reflecting on the different types of music you’ve incorporated into your readings may also show you more about yourself in retrospect.
*Tarot spread ideas; a small collection of ideas for inspiration, and a space to list your own
*Additional divination space to record significant moments pre or post-reading

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This item is printed & distributed from the USA, however we work with Royal Mail pricing structure which is not profitable, and with the platform selling fees involved is unfortunately non-refundable once the item has been created and sent. As the product is also sent from the USA at the moment, delivery times cannot be guaranteed. 

**Product printed on demand for minimal waste purposes, so please expect slight delays as this product is created and dispatched to you**

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