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Tarot Reading + Witchy Mystery Box Delivery

Tarot Reading + Witchy Mystery Box Delivery

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✨ Dive into the magick with the Witchy Self-Care Mystery Box + Tarot Reading, a blend of tarot surprises to ignite your senses and soothe your spirit ✨

🔮 Unveil the mystery within as you open this spellbinding box, revealing treasures handpicked for you by the mystical forces at Backyard Banshee. Each box features a stunning 925 Sterling Silver crystal necklace pendant (RRP £15) to adorn yourself with positive energy—a radiant charm to carry with you on your journey, which has been intuitively chosen for you.

🍃 Sip serenity with your eco-friendly bamboo travel mug (RRP £8), the perfect companion for your enchanting adventures. Indulge in a moment of tranquility with the curated self-care selection of teas, crafted to uplift and rejuvenate. Illuminate your sacred spaces with calming tealight candles and let the aromatic whispers of incense transport you to realms unknown.

🔮 But that's not all—immerse yourself in the mystical arts with a Four-Card Tarot Reading! Delivered straight to your inbox, this written personalized reading will unveil insights, guidance, and a touch of magick for the days ahead.

✨ Embrace the excitement of the unknown as you unwrap a curated blend of witchy surprises, each carefully chosen completely unique in each delivery to delight and inspire!🌟

Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of magick and self-care. A Backyard Banshee Witchy Self-Care Mystery Box + Tarot Reading is a journey into the mystical, a delivery of delights awaiting discovery. 🌙🎁✨

Unlock the magick now—because every day is an opportunity for enchantment. 🌟🔮🌿
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