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Witching Hour Workbook

Witching Hour Workbook

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This is a supportive workbook designed for modern witches and spiritual seekers. Beyond the traditional eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year, this workbook invites you to explore the depths of nature, ancestry, shadow work, and magick throughout the changing seasons.

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultural influences, including Ancient Roman, Egyptian, Gaelic, and Slavic traditions, you'll discover a wealth of rituals, spells, and ceremonies tailored to honour the cycles of the Earth. From connecting with the energy of the seasons to crafting personalized rituals that resonate with your soul, this workbook serves as a guide to deepening your spiritual practice, and finding sacred magick in every moment.

With Witching Hour, you'll discover multiple opportunities to connect yourself with something special, even amidst life's many commitments and responsibilities. Take a (witching) hour to ignite your spirit, personalize your practice, and discover the enchantment within all the seasons. Curate the magick that surrounds you, and create your own unique path of spiritual growth and celebration.

Let this workbook be your companion on the journey of self-discovery and magickal exploration, guiding you to find gorgeousness, wisdom, and enchantment in every season. Hell yeah!


**Product printed on demand for minimal waste purposes, so please expect slight delays as this product is created and dispatched to you**

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